15th of June, 2019

Vigilantes is a Raiding Guild from the early Vanilla World of Warcraft founded on the 11th of February, 2005 and has been an active entity in the Community on the Server Doomhammer EU. Originally founded as a Raiding Guild, Vigilantes has embraced a friendly social atmosphere and continues to raid, in a relaxed and casual manner. Still populated by many Dedicated Raiders who have opted for the casual approach to raiding, with families, friends and many old members who have been with the community for more than 14 years. Vigilantes have taken a step back in time to Classic WoW and also have a strong raiding guild on Mirage Raceway PvE server.

Guild today boasts of way more than a hundred active players.

A retail raid team of over 30 players and classic raid team of over 40 players.

Guild is lead by Fatyz and assisted by Officers Owls, Voldis, Rainlight, Elymia and Divone.

Systems, Discord and Website maintained by Lima.

Vigilantes has remained a recognizable staple of Doomhammer's history and will always remain an active social raiding guild which welcomes everyone with open arms no matter their background. We have a diverse group of people from different creeds, ethnics, religious and genders, all treated with the upmost respect. Vigilantes has left a lasting  impression on the Doomhammer community where I have been told we bring smiles of admiration of the reputation and longevity of the Guild.

If you feel vigilantes would be a welcoming place to you and a community to be with, then do not hesitated to sign up with us.

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